Dawn Pakistan Food & Agri Expo

Now in its seventh successful year the annual DAWN Pakistan Food & Agri Expo is all set to be held on May 3 & 4, 2018 at the Expo Centre Johar Town Lahore.It is a series of exhibitions organized annually by the DAWN Media Group which serves to be a platform for all business and government sectors, directly or indirectly involved with agriculture and food industry of Pakistan. The sixth edition of this event was held on April 4 & 5, 2017 at the Expo Centre, Johar Town Lahore.

The DAWN Media Group has been organizing the Agri Expo since 2012. It has over the years transformed into a conglomerate bringing in all sectors of the Agriculture industry. Keeping in line with the changing needs, demands and trends in the agricultural sector, last year DAWN provided value addition to the event by incorporating the food industry of Pakistan which is the 2nd largest in the country and accounts for 27% of its value added production and 16% of the total employment in manufacturing sector. The event has managed to build and retain a momentum by involving government departments, farmers’ associations, private and public sector as well as foreign organizations and dignitaries.

It provides an opportunity to access the potential of Pakistan’s agricultural market and empowers the key players and participants to understand the market appetite for their products and recognize the best channels for delivery. It is till date the only event of its scale in Pakistan which is able to bring together all stakeholders from the public, private, academia and social sectors together on one platform to engage in constructive dialogue, experience sharing and information dissemination. The DAWN Media Group hopes that it continues to foster meaningful and result oriented interaction via this platform creating a road map to achieving value addition, enhancing quality of produce & product, improving export viability and deployment of new technology.

This year also the event is supported by relevant government ministries/institutions and endorsed by various chambers of commerce and international agriculture organizations. The exhibition is marked by a special report in DAWN on the opening day which will comprise of editorial features on the food and agriculture sector of Pakistan.

DAWN wishes to thank all the sponsors, supporters, exhibitors and participants for their continued support in making the DAWN Pakistan Food & Agri Expo a success.